Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Punctuation Tip: Quotation Marks (“ ”)

Punctuation marks regulate the flow of your thought in your writing!

Get to know when to use Quotation Marks (“ ”) correctly. Quotation marks can be double ("...") or single ('...'). It is used: 

1)      Around the title or name of a book, film, ship etc.
E.g. “The Ugly Duckling” is a popular book of all time.
E.g. “Titanic” is a 1997 movie directed by James Cameron about the ship “Titanic”.
2)      Around a piece of text that we are quoting or citing, usually from another source.
E.g. In this book, the author argues that punctuation “plays a critical role in writing”.
3)      Around dialogue or direct speech.
E.g. Jay turned to him and said: "Do you love me, John?”.
4)      Around a word or phrase that we see as slang or jargon.
E.g. The police were called to a “disturbance” – which in reality was a pretty big fight.
5)      Around a word or phrase that we want to make it “special”.
       E.g. Sometimes we use “italics” instead of “bold”.

source: usefulTip.lifung.com