Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sharing from one of our crew member 'Greywolf'

Greeting my fellow reader it’s been a while since the last time I update our blog.  A little brief about myself that might interest you ^__^ I am a Sino-Kadazan young adults a mix of (Chinese and Kadazan blood line 'Kadazan' = Local tribe in the land of Borneo mainly Sabah, Malaysia) and I am the elders in my four siblings.  The name Greywolf is taken from an animated series of Conan the Adventurer a wizard namely Greywolf of Xanthus with a great magical power. I love this character as he always helps Conan in his quest of great mystery.  I also love wolf because I think they are a unique and cool animal.

Greywolf from the animated series of Canon the Adventurer
Picture of a Wolf
 Its kind of really crazy to like a wolf but that how I came up with the name.  Until next time as the old saying says sharing is caring God bless and have a wonderful day ahead you my dear reader.