Wednesday, March 16, 2011


YEAH...The Design for Kem Belia 2011 banner had finally completed! Even it was not satisfied me. I could have done more about the color and effect but less than 3 hours creating it make me choose the basic option for it. But at least it was not bad at all J and it was done on time! 

The process was not that hard: 

1.        First  open  adobe illustrator then choose new design

2.       2nd, choose size for the template which was the measurement of 3 by 8 feet.

3.       3rd make sure the title was large enough to be read!

4.       Fourth choose the approreate color, background, the setting,  theme and so on...

Banner Design ( completed 12:45am =.=)
5.      At Last... I felt enjoys designing it and because i put 100% effort in it. A piece of advice form me when starting to design something like this we have to be patient and never give up easily until we see the result.  In the end, it will make us happy.  But make sure all the spelling is correct because if you notice?. ..there was a spelling mistake in the banner.. I guess you have spoted it LoL...

Poster Design for PBK XI (Last Year)


Anonymous said...

Congratulation and job well done Lady Butterfly ^_^ but you leave me do the editing hehehehe - Grey Wolf

Anonymous said...

nice job!