Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unexpected Event!

Unexpected event!

        On Saturday morning was the best time to have exercise early in a morning. So, I decided to have a walk at stadium Likas with my friend. I Felt so good when doing exercise it was like all my stress have been blown away by the air. I had enjoyed all the view at the park, felt fresh and healthy. I brought my digital camera all the time  with me and  took pictures like trees, cloud and bird for my collection.

: one of the tree at the park

:one of my precious picture!
When finished  jogging, we went  back to the car took towel and bottle of mineral water but when we arrive, I notice there a lot of people near the parking lot and music been played loud. We were so currious  to find out what was going on there. . When reached at the camp, it was an HR Borneo carnival Auto challenge 2011!  all modify car are displayed. wow so cooll...  

: the Banner
nice one!

Most of the car have been decorated like a party car or Bling..Bling Car. It also had jewelers inside the car. The sound system were so high quality. When I reached at the right of the car show, I saw one part that really makes my heart smile. Its old car I say! The Bagon car hahahahah! It is rare to find this type of car specially in the city or anywhere because it been safe kept maybe inside its owner house or can be found in the museum.

: Bagon Cars
There a story about the car and make me laugh. Every time we saw the car, we have to knock our friend forehead and say Bagon!!. But  it’s only for joke. Most of my friend do  it those who know it.
Overall I love my Saturday morning. .!!


- Lady Butterfly - said...

thanks for reading! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thats really amazing jess. -leifroy

- Lady Butterfly - said...

thanks liefroy! its really amazing feeling LoL..i'll update the pix a.s.a.p

Anonymous said...

cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing :)

- Lady Butterfly - said...

thank u judy n anonymous LoL!!

- Lady Butterfly - said...

thank u anonymous n judy! :-)