Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Hobbies becoming my passion

Dear All,

Its been awhile since our last update.  We apologize for the long absent...We do miss to update our blog.  What are with the post "My Hobbies becoming my passion"  Let's me recap...Yes!!!! It was During David Copperfield Special Television I was about 12 years old at that time.  Who is David Copperfield? Yes!!! The Legendary Magician that what I would called him...He makes the Statue of Liberty disappear, make the train disappear with a big illusion shows on a live audience.  From there I began to seek for knowledge and learn my first illusion that is Hankie From Nowhere...where a magician shows his/her both hands empty and produce a silk from his hands and make it disappear in tin air.

p/s "If you have any kind of hobby mold it, shape it, polished it and master it to the best of your ability" 

The Legendary David Copperfield

Please visit to this page to see a trailer of his magnificent performance



IceCreamBun said...

:D I have a hobby... I'm still trying to mold it.. hahaha!