Sunday, February 05, 2012

Boring Sunday

Hi happy Sunday everyone :-). What are you doing if Sunday is coming??

 My be most of you is hanging out with friends or family. But for me it is kinda boring sunday. Every sunday i will go to church with my family. After that we will go home and have our tea while resting and sharing stories. When everything is done we will do our own thing such as cleaning the dog yard, washing dishes, cooking and etc. But for me, first thing i will do is cleaning up my room and make sure everything is tidy and neat. I will iron and keep my clothe nicely in room. When everything is done, it is time to sleep whole day long without any disturbing.

But I am  happy because I can rest whole day long and dream of my future :-) sometimes I rather sleep than wake up for lunch time. 

So, everyone who want to spend your quality time with family and friends this weekend, have a great weekend and enjoy to the max :-) Please take care and have a extraordinary enjoy weekend for you all!