Friday, May 20, 2011


It has been a long time I did not manage to update my blog since I was so busy with thing never end.  When I was in one place like I want to write it all but I never have a chance to do it until now. This experience I want to share with you all because when I visited museum before I read this news about PANORAMA RUMAH BESAR AT KINARUT I love history that why I was super excited to visit that place.
And here it come! When I visited friend at Beaufort we passed the place that give me chance to see how it look like ( Rumah Besar)

Panorama Rumah Besar 1

This is how it look like. All the building is collapsed and the only left was the house pole.

Panorama Rumah Besar 2

    Panorama Rumah Besar 3
  • This large house was built by W.F.C Asimont. The first manager of the Kinarut Farm in 1910.
  • This house covering 2,500 acres for rubbers cultivation in Kinarut.
  • What happened to the beautiful homes built by Asimont? It seems the British North Borneo Chartered Company which ruled Sabah from 1881-1942 demolish this house in1923.
  • The reasons for their actions is not known. Before this house torn down, it seems a large number of mosaic tiles and bricks were brought to the Melalap farm to the building. house in the other areas of the Kinarut farm established simply as a house manager.
View of the importance of history, the state government gazetted the proposed site of this large house debris covering seven hectares of the historic site on August 22, 1994. According to the nature of the surrounding vegetation and the views of the sea and the island, The site is named Panorama Rumah Besar of Kinarut and opened to the public from April 1995.

My experience when visiting the place is very scary at first until my hair stood up as if there is an institution that is still live  around the big house site. But the area is still  very beautiful and spacious!

This my face look a like when i arrived that place

But in the end it is a new experience for me. If you want to visit it soon Don't forget to share me the experience! 

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Anonymous said...

this is a nice story could you give some more information on this. interesting story

- Lady Butterfly - said...

Thank you for the comment, please leave Your name at the end of the comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

wah...your face so fearless owh...i almost fainted you know...wonderful story keep it up- babygreywolf

de engineur said...

Very interesting find. I pass by this place on number of times but don't know where/which way to go in.

Is it manned, and how to arrange a visit? or someone whom i can contact to visit.

- Lady Butterfly - said...

Hi! To go to that place you just enter the area because I think the place is open for anyone who wanted to go. The last time I went was no one in charge of the place. I think like we are freely come to visit.
:-) so have fun ya de engineur! :-)